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Land Adventures

Offroad Adventure

The adventure begins where the pavement ends! There are plenty of exciting dips, turns, and climbs as you roll through pastures and forests across these beautiful 2500 acres.

Kauai's Most Popular Luau

At Kauai Ventures we can book your Luau reservations at no extra charge. 

From our Vendor:

"Aloha! Over 50 years ago, Grandpa started our family business in this sacred Wailua River Valley. We created our tropical paradise to celebrate the Hawaiian spirit of aloha that he loved and lived by. Today, four generations of my family continue to honor that tradition with the most famous of Hawaiian celebrations, the luau. We welcome you to share the traditions of our island home and become part of our “Ohana”. 


Of course, the heart of any luau is the pa‘ina, the feast, and we’ll make sure you don’t go hungry. Kalua pig roasted in the earthen imu oven. Cousin Gary’s secret recipe for teriyaki beef. Ono mahimahi and tasty chicken adobo. Our family bowl of poi (which Grandma insists you try). We’ll even get some of you up on stage to try some hula moves as dinner winds down.


Food may be the heart of a luau, but music is the soul. Our Hawaiian ancestors preserved their history by passing down songs and chants called mele. At our luau, we celebrate these traditions, as well as the songs and dances from other cultures that live in our tropical paradise. The lyrical sway of the Hawaiian hula, the colorful precision of the Tahitian drum dances and the fiery emotion of the Samoan fire knife dance all speak deeply of the people who have come to call Hawaii home. We proudly share this rhythm of aloha with you."


Already have dinner plans? We can still reserve your “show only” tickets. Gates open at 7:30PM* for those who would like to only attend the show.

Kauai Luau
Kauai Luau
Kauai Luau

Zipline Tours

Let Kauai Ventures book your unforgettable zipline experience. Witness breathtaking views from an incredible vantage point as you zip through the valleys on Kauai's North Shore. Contact Kauai Ventures for more info.

For more information on other land excursions, please contact Kimmy or call Kauai Ventures at 808-212-4384

Horseback Riding

Kauai Concierge Horseback Riding

Join us for a great ride across open pastures, with breathtaking views of mountains, valleys, and the ocean.

Waterfall Rappel

Kauai Concierge Waterfall Rappel

Don't limit your challenges, but rather challenge your limits-get inside a waterfall!

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