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Kauai In Home Services

Private Chefs

Our private chefs can prepare mouthwatering island delicacies using the freshest local ingredients with attention paid to supporting our local farmers, fisherman and small business owners. Let them dazzle your senses with a unique selection of Sushi Rolls, Sashimi and other island seafood. Whether you would like our gourmet chefs to enhance your palette with fresh island style fish, chicken and meat or prepare a vegetarian meal, Kauai Ventures can fulfill your every desire.

Kauai Private Chef
Kauai Private Chef

Private Massage

Kauai’s reputation as a place for healing attracts numerous people who come for nurturing, whether physically, mentally, or spiritually. Massage is a sacred devotion that can not only provide healing but also a chance to reconnect with your inner self. There’s no denying the power of bodywork be it pampering, rejuvenating, or therapeutic.  Reserve a private in-home massage and try Hawaiian Lomi Lomi or hot stone accompaniments to enhance your experience. 

Private Yoga

Nature guides our yoga practice on Kauai creating a healthy mind, spirit and body.  For those beginning their practice to others who wish to maintain or expand theirs, yoga brings balance to the physical, mental and emotional aspects of ourselves. Treat yourself to the benefits of private yoga instruction in the comfort and beauty of your vacation home or property.

Kauai Concierge Private Yoga

Private Hula Instruction

Kauai Concierge Private Hula

Treat yourself to a truly Hawaiian experience while on your visit to Kauai. A private Hula lesson will bring you directly into the “Spirit of the Islands”. A language unto itself, this dance form is poetry in motion and will expand your perception and understanding of Hawaiian music and dance. Light hearted and fun, a lesson will inspire you and create even more appreciation for all things Hawaiian.

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